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Worldwide Provider in RTLS Security

With over twenty years of RTLS experience and thousands of badges, tags, readers, controllers across the world, Elpas Solutions knows exactly what you need to protect and secure your interests.

Our solutions are the most cost-effective way to protect staff members, patients, visitors and assets in acute care hospitals, senior care homes, manufacturing facilities, heavy material storage depots and high-security zones .

Our mission is to deliver cost-effective safety and security solutions that are simple to use and are effective in their operation. These solutions are backed by Elpas professional services personnel from offices in North America, EMEA and APAC and by a range of training and post-installation consulting offerings developed specifically to help our customers get the most from their security investments.

Trusted by leading administrators in an increasing number of sectors including: healthcare, defense, manufacturing, logistics and retail, Elpas RTLS is used to enable personnel safety, asset visibility and staff productivity.

Our products meet CE, IC, FCC, standards and the recent EU RED directive.

Wireless Active RFID

Real-Time Location RTLS

Passive RFID Access Solutions

Elpas Provides RTLS Hardware and Software with Turnkey Mobile Solutions for:

High-Risk Bracelet

Elpas RTLS Tags

Elpas offers a comprehensive selection of application specific active RFID tags to suit the safety, security and visibility needs of the Healthcare, Commercial and Correctional sectors.


  • RF / IR / LF / BLE
  • Duress Button
  • Sub-Room Location
  • Tamper Protection
  • Fall Detection
  • Exit Alarming LED Indicators
  • CE, FCC, IC Compliant

Not all products include all features

Personnel ID Badge

RF Reader

Elpas Location Readers

Elpas RTLS location readers are supervised indoor/outdoor fixed receivers that provide an innovative solution for detecting and forwarding real-time "Location" and "State" data from Elpas active RFID tags to host RTLS safety, security and visibility platforms.


  • Real-Time Tag Detection
  • Up to 20m/56ft Read Range
  • Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • Onboard Digital I/O Ports
  • XML Messaging
  • Indoor/ Outdoor Installation
  • Tamper Protection
  • CE, FCC, IC Compliant

Not all products include all features

IR Reader

LF Beacon

Elpas LF Beacons

Elpas LF beacons add real-time pinpoint location visibility to Elpas RTLS Security, Safety and Visibility Solutions or 3rd party security management systems.


  • Adjustable Fields
  • No EMI external interference
  • Unique Location ID
  • Optional Field Expansion Topologies
  • Remote Configuration and Monitoring
  • Onboard Supervisor Transmitter
  • LED Indicators
  • CE, FCC, I C Compliant

Not all products include all features

Local Controller

Elpas Controllers

Elpas Local Controllers are available in multiple configurations providing cost-effective server-free management of single or multiple zone backup control and security deployments.


  • Local database with 5000 Active/Passive Tags
  • RF RTLS Signaling Technology
  • Manages 15 Infrastructure Devices
  • Stores 4,000 - 8,000 Events
  • XML Messaging
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation
  • Device and Tamper Protection
  • CE, FCC, IC Compliant

Not all products include all features

7" Display Panel

The CenTrak Omni Display Panel V2, is a 7 inch touch screen, wall mounted device with stereo sound that displays and enunciates alert events from the CenTrak Omni Tracking and Alerting system. This panel can be used to search, arm or disarm tags, and is used in conjunction with the Nurse Call, Panic Alarm, Infant Security, Patient Wandering and Asset Security applications.

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CenTrak Omni seamlessly integrates Elpas RTLS to provide turnkey solutions for access control, patient protection, duress alert monitoring and real-time asset tracking in a single powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Omni Go

Omni Go is a powerful Android and IOS app that shows CenTrak Omni alarms and alarm history. The app is ideal for all CenTrak Omni solutions including: Duress Alert, Access Control, Nurse Call, Wander Protection and Asset Security. Omni Go provides a convenient interface to CenTrak Omnialarms for security staff and care-givers that need to respond quickly to safety and security situations.

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Elpas LoneProtect

The Elpas LoneProtect application acts, in conjunction with the Elpas Shield BLE badge, as a SmartTag. Elpas LoneProtect receives transmissions from Elpas Shield and relays them to Eiris server, through the Elpas Cloud. The Elpas LoneProtect application serves as a reader, which allows the benefits of Elpas Shield without RF infrastructure.

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Elpas LoneProtect

The app allows facility staff to reach out to the community and monitor seniors that choose to remain in their homes. The app reports to the facility from anywhere when a senior needs help.

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Elpas Cloud

For responders: The Elpas Cloud provides alarm responders global access to either your hosted or on-prem CenTrak Omni Alarm server. Eiris Go mobile app or the Eiris Web Client can connect to your server from anywhere to handle emergency calls from seniors or lone workers.

For Seniors and Lone Workers: Ubiquitous Duress alarm and Fall Detection: The Elpas LoneProtect application and the Elpas Shield wearable alarm tag can be used by lone workers or seniors to easily call for help while their phone is in their pocket. The Shield will also automatically detect falls and transmit the alarm to responders via the wearer's phone to a central Eiris Server for dispatching. The combination of tag and app can also provide indoor room location and outdoor GPS location. Eiris GeoFences can allows alarming when the wearer either enters or departs pre-defined geographic boundaries.

System Architecture