Elpas bracelet

The Elpas Security Bracelet is a wrist worn Active RFID Tag that provides around-the-clock monitoring of high-risk inmates and hospital patients who are prone to wandering or elopement.

The bracelet bundles triple-tech Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies to deliver precise real-time positioning data so that a host RTLS safety application or an integrated physical security platform can track the location and movements of the individual anywhere within the facility. The bracelet also enables immediate near-exit location awareness for administering escort procedures and for preventing unauthorized transfers or exits out of the protected area.

For added security, the bracelet’s distinctive design combines an Active RFID Tag with a size-adjustable, tamper/removal detection enabled wrist band to help prevent unauthorized removal of the device from the protected individual.


  • Triple RTLS signaling technologies
  • Size-adjustable, locking tamper band
  • Wrist band tamper/removal detection
  • IP65 water/dust resistant
  • 24/7 remote device supervision
  • Status LED indicator
  • Field replaceable lithium battery
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant

Applications and Uses

  • Patient, resident identification
  • Wandering patient location awareness
  • High-Risk inmate location tracking
  • Senior living resident supervision
  • Court committed patient monitoring
  • Emergency head-count reporting

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