Elpas RTLS provides an extremely cost-effective way to protect high-value assets, location of personnel and patent/visitor safety in healthcare. Elpas RTLS is also valuable in manufacturing facilities, museums, jails and correctional facilities, or any indoor building environment that requires real time asset or personnel tracking.

Elpas advanced RTLS triple-technology consists of radio frequency transmissions, infrared connectivity and low frequency magnetic fields making it the optimal means of enabling location awareness. Elpas manufactures field-proven RTLS products and applications that leverage the real time location of assets and people, delivering cost-effective, granular location-based security.

Add 'Location Aware' wireless panic buttons for employees

Perform access events based on location of personnel

Track motion tags to protect assets - that should stay stationary

Ensure security of seniors in assisted living environments: prevent wandering, detect falls provide panic buttons

View RTLS alarms with or historical video

Manage assets during emergencies to ensure available resources to assist with additional logistics

Alarm on approach from unauthorized individuals or if an asset is moved from a secure area




Elpas Virtual Gate

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