Elpas Active RFID/RTLS Tags

Elpas offers a comprehensive selection of wireless, application specific Triple-Technology Active RFID/RTLS Tags that deliver real-time location tracking and visibility of people or assets with the accuracy and flexibility that today’s healthcare, government, and manufacturing organizations require.

Elpas Triple-Technology Active RFID/RTLS Tags employ continuous (433.92MHz) Radio Frequency communication for cost-effective real-time zone location, (800nm) Infrared communication for explicit room and sub-room tracking accuracy plus (125 KHz) Low Frequency for instant doorway and pinpoint location visibility.

Elpas Active RFID/RTLS Tags also feature flexible mounting options, field-replaceable long-life lithium battery power, wireless call-button alerting, indoor/outdoor operation for hospitals and manufacturing floors to parking lots and shipping yards, plus motion/tamper detection.

Eiris Software

Ideally suited for organizations’ seeking to self-monitor and manage their security/safety operations, Eiris seamlessly integrates access control, intrusion detection, digital video surveillance, patient protection, duress alert monitoring and real-time asset tracking into one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

  • Network Configuration Tools: Eiris’ intuitive configuration tools enable commissioning and database enrollment of all wired and wireless system devices without the need for programming experience.
  • Automated Security Processes: Supports user definable, rule-based events and alarms, (triggerable by location and status), for automating and enhancing monitoring plus response processes.
  • Dynamic graphic monitoring & control: Built-in interactive, multi-layered graphical map displays for monitoring and controlling device status, system events & security/safety alarms.
  • Bundled Localization Editor: Eiris’ bundled language localization editor customizes user interfaces and menus for different locales; supports Asian languages and right-to-left scripts (Hebrew and Arabic).
  • Scalable System Expansion: Modular, multi-site, client/server architecture supports easy system expansion without interruption of service as needs grow.
  • Open APIs Extend Functionality: Open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) offer real-time, bidirectional alarm/event processing and control with legacy security, life safety and back office systems.
  • Integrated Incident Reporting: Eiris’ integrated report generator creates historical reports of alarms, tag movements, device status and event times for enterprise-wide information delivery.