Real-Time Backup

Correctional Facility Emergency Call

"Officer Down!!!!"

The Elpas Emergency Call Solution, using RTLS technology, safeguards correctional security personnel most at risk from inmate violence and aggression. Elpas Emergency Call provides manual and/or automated alerts that deliver precise real-time location data which identifies the individual in trouble and the location of the evolving security incident in order to dispatch emergency response teams.

How Emergency Call Works: Security personnel that may be subject to attack or injury in high-risk detention centers are provided with an Elpas Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter. Security personnel can use the transmitter’s two emergency call buttons located on either side of the unit for manual wireless duress alerting. An onboard tilt switch and a pull cord enable automatic alarming when the protected staff member is knocked down or if the unit is grabbed by force. The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter is an integral part of Elpas Emergency Call Solution for Correctional Facilities linking personnel to precise real-time indoor location for end-to-end incident management.

Elpas Shield


  • Safety and backup for officers and staff
  • Quick, round-the-clock support for each officer throughout the facility
  • Events recorded on a PC for control
  • Manual and automatic call for support, in case of emergency
  • Easy-to-use transmitters
  • Indoor and outdoor wireless coverage
  • After-hours activity and inactivity reporting
  • Critical asset control using wireless or hardwired devices
  • Fence alarm/control integration
  • Camera control interface
  • Building control interface using wireless or hardwired input



  • Identify the officer or staff member under attack
  • Locate the officer or staff member under attack
  • Transfer information to responders
  • Acknowledge duress alert

Man Down (Fall Detection)

Automatic alert transmission even if staff member is unconscious and unable to initiate alert

False Alarm Prevention

Dedicated front button used to clear event during pre-alarm in case of false tilt activation

Precise Real-Time Location Visibility

Delivers staff identification & sub-room location data of the evolving security incident

Incident Management

Includes real-time interactive screens for managing the life cycle of the received duress call

Robust Alert Notification Options

Paging services, display panels, SMS messages, emails, automated PA announcements and warning messages on computer screens concurrently supporting multiple first responder scenarios

Incident Reporting

Provides post emergency situation reports for event review and response evaluation

Advanced Supervision

Emergency call transmitters and infrastructure supervision includes automatic system alert notifications, audit trails and system logs

Solution Scalability

From cell-block stand-alone installations, to facility-wide networked staff protection solutions

Highly Scalable Transmitter Capacity

Additional staff members can be added at any time without risk to individual personnel safety

High Availability

Distributed local control ensures that staff remain protected even when network segments or the RTLS server are offline

Backend Integration

Supports easy integration with other security systems including CCTV to provide both real time and post incident analysis

International Standards

CE, FCC, IC and RED compliant