"Everyone Out! fast!"

Elpas Mustering

Now's the time to plan:

Like you, we work in an environment that requires mustering solutions. In fact, we use our own software and hardware to safeguard our employees and buildings. Like you, we send our kids to schools and colleges that need mustering capabilities and the secure feeling the system provides. Like you, when it comes to the bottom line, we just want to know that the system will work. The Elpas Team

Mustering with Elpas RTLS


  • Automates the emergency muster processes
  • Reduces dependence on team muster leaders
  • Allows for flexible mustering points to be used - no need for designated assembly point. Choose the closet mustering point
  • Enables off site server mustering – “Cloud Mustering”
  • View all building occupants in real-time
  • Full turnkey solution for all your mustering needs
  • Use dedicated Elpas tags or personal smartphones with Bluetooth beacons

ALA LF Beacon

Active Shooter or Lockdown

Unfortunately , live shooter or hostile events still take place on schools, college campuses and offices. Administrators and managers need to make sure students and staff are accounted for and loved ones want to know if they are okay.


  • Enables anyone to trigger an alarm indicating the location of the event
  • Elpas ID tag for staff and students
  • Locate individual users using Elpas Readers and LF beacons on the go with the Eiris Go app
  • Immediate location of individuals provides accountability to staff and comfort to family and friends

Not all Elpas mustering options or scenarios were presented here. Certainly, the concepts of combining Elpas software and hardware can be applied to numerous scenarios. For more information on how to apply Elpas technology to your unique mustering application, please contact us here or view our mustering presentation here.