Centrak Omni

Centrak Omni Features

  • Alarming

  • Tracking

  • I/O

  • Access Control

  • CCTV

  • Network Configuration

  • Reports

  • Client/Server (Directed Alarms)

  • Paging, SMS, Email Messaging

  • Dynamic Maps

  • Arm/Disarm and Tag Activation

  • Tag Matching and Escort

  • Synchronization with Controllers

  • SDK

  • Temperature Monitoring

Existing Interfaces


  • Gets Admit/Discharge/Transfer events in HL7 and updates Elpas badge records accordingly

Nurse Call

  • Rauland Responder 5

  • Jeron

  • Zettler MediCall800

  • Wandsworth

  • Static Systems

  • Westcall

  • Austco


  • NEC

  • Polycom/Kirk

  • Aastra

  • Ascom

Building Management

  • Honeywell EBI

Security Management

  • Ccure 9000

  • SiPass

CenTrak Omni Visibility & Security, Windows based, Management Software from Elpas is an affordable, end-to-end solution; providing real-time monitoring, command and control in a single unified system for today’s most demanding security and safety applications. Omni is ideally suited for today’s organizations that are seeking to effectively and reliably self-monitor and manage their security/ safety operations. Out-of-the-box, Omni enables seamless integration of access control, intrusion detection, digital video surveillance, patient protection, duress alarm monitoring and asset tracking into one, easy to use, enterprise-class security platform.

Asset Tracking: Track & Trace

CenTrak Omni Asset Manager provides powerful tools for managing your inventory of mobile assets. This includes:

  • Par Levels - define a range of how many assets of a each category should be kept in each area of your facility. Eiris will alert when the actual number deviates from this par level.

  • Real-time inventory reports will show the number of assets per category in each area of the facility and whether the number is within the prescribed par level.

  • Asset Search Tool: Find all VS Monitors within you department on your mobile using the Omni Mobile Asset Search application for Android.

  • Asset Flow: change the status of an asset by placing the asset in a staging area or by pressing the button on the tag. Eiris Auto Actions may be used to update the asset status automatically based on physical changes to the asset or its location.

Patient Flow and Contact Tracing

Use Eiris to monitor and alert when:

    • Patient waits for too long a period

    • Patient is seen by a care-giver

    • Patient fails to arrive at destination

These and many other scenarios may be defined using Omni's powerful Auto-Action utility, Location and Escalation alerts.

Network Configuration Tools

CenTrak Omni's user-friendly configuration tools enable commissioning and database enrollment of all wired and wireless system devices without the need for programming experience.

Mobile Alerting

Handle Omni alerts from anywhere via the Eiris Go application for smartphones and Elpas Cloud access.

Global Safety

Provide community or campus wide personal safety, indoor and outdoor, using the Elpas Lone Worker app for smartphones and optional Bluetooth Loneworker tag.

Automated Security Processes

Enables user definable, rule-based events and alarms (triggerable by location and status) for automating and enhancing monitoring and response processes.

Dynamic Graphic Monitoring & Control

Supports real-time interactive, multi-layered graphical map displays for monitoring and controlling device status, system events and all security/safety alarms.

Eiris Viewer

Eiris Web

Bundled Localization Editor

CenTrak Omni's bundled language localization editor customizes user interfaces and menus for different locales. Supports Asian languages and right-to-left scripts.

Scalable System Expansion

Modular, multi-site, client/server architecture supports easy system expansion without

interruption of service as needs grow.

Open APIs Extend Functionality

Open Application Program Interfaces (APIs) offer real-time, bi-directional alarm/event processing and control with legacy security, life safety, and back office systems.

Integrated Incident Reporting

Omni's integrated report generator creates historical reports of alarms, tag movements, device status and event times for enterprise-wide information delivery.

CenTrak Omni License Options

A complete line of license-able software configurations are available to meet the security requirements of any size organization. Whether needing to secure a small office or a large multi-site enterprise, organizations can start small and then upgrade capacity or system options as security or safety needs change

CenTrak Omni Redundancy Watchdog

The Omni Redundancy Watchdog provides high availability of the Eiris server. The utility automatically launches a backup server(s) on a separate machine in the event of a system crash of the primary machine.