Mobile Apps

Omni Go

Omni Go is a powerful app for handling alarms, searching and arming/disarming tags. The app is ideal for all Omni solutions including: Duress Alert, Asset Tracking, Nurse Call, Wander Protection, Asset Security.. Omni Go provides a convenient interface to Omni alarms for security staff and care-givers that need to respond quickly to safety and security situations.


Elpas LoneProtect

Elpas LoneProtect app works directly with CenTrak Omni  to send duress alerts from the user’s smartphone to designated care staff. Care staff monitor and receive alerts on their workstation or smartphone using CenTrak’s Omni Go app. 

In addition, the app can be used with the Elpas Shield BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). When used with the Elpas Shield BLE tag, the SmartTag functions as a RF reader relating important information about the Elpas Shield, such as duress alerts, GPS location, fall detection or lost connection. 


LF Meter

Making LF Installations easier and faster, Elpas has tweaked our Shield BLE tag with special firmware that enables technicians to locate LF beacons and sources of LF noise.

The modified tag senses 125KHz signals.  If the signal is from a valid Elpas beacon, the tag relays the signal density via a BLE message to Elpas' new LF Meter app for Android.  In the event that the no valid LFID is detected, then the tag sends the noise density to the app.  This information is displayed in a clear bar chart on the app's interface. When a valid ID is received, then the ID is labeled on the bar.

Multiple tags may be attached to a wooden or plastic poll to measure the field density at varying distances from the floor.  These tags may be paired with the LF Meter app and each will be represented on the graph as a separate bar.  Technicians can pair up to five modified Shield BLE tags to one smartphone.  

The new meter can be used for: