Frictionless Door Access Reader

CenTrak Frictionless Door Access Reader (FDAR)

Keep your badge in your pocket and your hands free

In today’s touch free world, CenTrak provides a reader that can open a door without the need for presenting a credential.

Weather you are pushing a gurney, carrying a crate, or driving a forklift, hands free access can streamline your operations and make you more productive.

CenTrak’s FDAR:

  • Affordable

  • Precise Read Range: Up to 4m at 0.5m intervals

  • I/Os for lock control, door position sensor or LED control

  • Wiegand output for 3rd party controllers

  • RS-485 for CenTrak door controllers and CenTrak Omni security software

  • No privacy issues (as with face recognition)

  • Front and Rear tamper alarm

  • Buzzer

  • Flush or Surface Mount

  • May be combined with secondary authentication (e.g. face recognition)

Wiegand to 3rd party Controller

Reader with CenTrak Controller and CenTrak Omni software

Data Sheets and Ordering Info

Note that the FDAR is comprised of the CenTrak ALC LF Beacon and requires the TRC module.