Active School Shooter

Asset Tracking

Temperature Monitoring


Hands Free Access

To control access via a portal, an LF exciter and an RF reader may be used so that when an authorized user approaches the door within 2-3 meters, the door opens. By using Master/Slave configuration, multiple LF exciters may be used in tandem and the range of each exciter may be reduced enabling various ways to secure an exit.

Time Spent at Specific Locations

The Eiris Report Generator may be used to produce reports summarizing the time spent by a tag (or group of tags) at specified locations. This feature may be used to determine the time spent on certain tasks. Reports may also be generated showing all entries into, and exits from, specified areas.

Facility Management

Energy Management:

Eiris can be used to control lighting and air conditioning based on the identity of the people or assets in a room. Also, buttons on the Elpas tags may be used to control shades, additional lights or anything that contains an electrical switch.

Emergency Call:

Every Elpas tag contains a button that may be used to call for assistance in the event of an emergency. The location and identification of the caller may be sent to security via smartphones, SMS, pagers, wall mounted display units or PC screens.