Privacy Policy

Specific Details regarding CenTrak LoneProtect

LoneProtect is a CenTrak Omni Client Android application and shares user data and events with the server. CenTrak Omni servers are installed and run by CenTrak customers.

Private Information

  • IMEA/Gmail Address - The LoneProtect app sends the IMEA and Gmail Address of the host Android device to the Omni Server.

  • Location - The LoneProtect application periodically (user defined interval) sends supervision messages to the server which contain the location and of the Android device.

  • Events - In addition to supervision messages, LoneProtect sends location info upon events such as:

    • App's screen panic button pressed

    • Tag Button Press (on paired CenTrak tag)

    • Pull Cord (on paired CenTrak tag)

    • Fall Detection (on paired CenTrak tag)

    • Tag detection of CenTrak LF Field

  • SMS - LoneProtect provides an option of sending an SMS message on above events containing the nature of the event, identity of the sender and the location. For this feature, a destination phone number must be entered by the user into the app. This number stored only on the phone and is not shared with CenTrak Omni.