7" Touch Display panel

The CenTrak Omni Display Panel V2, is a 7 inch touch screen, wall mounted device with stereo sound that displays and enunciates alert events from the CenTrak Omni Tracking and Alerting system. This panel can be used to search, arm or disarm tags, and is used in conjunction with the Nurse Call, Panic Alarm, Infant Security, Patient Wandering and Asset Security applications. The panel operates offline if communication with the server is lost and displays feedback alarms from Elpas Local Controllers (ELCs). Strict privacy and security policies are enforced by permission controls. This product provides a state of the art, frontend for both CenTrak and Elpas systems.


  • Displays and manages CenTrak Omni alerts
  • Alert sounds play to attract attention
  • If communication with the Omni Server is lost, the EDP continues to operate offline
  • Feedback alarms from Elpas Local Controllers (ELCs) are displayed
  • Connects to Omni via Ethernet/WiFi or to an RS485 BUS as a Remote Display Unit
  • Arms or disarms CenTrak RTLS tags, such as infant pro-tection or patient wandering tags
  • Displays the location of tags
  • Enforces strict privacy and security policies which are permission driven
  • An optional PIN code feature for acknowledges or closes alerts
  • Indicates required actions for an alert, the user checks the action as complete when executed
  • Monitors third party sensors using dry contact input
  • Controls external devices via two open collector outputs