IR Reader

Infrared Location Reader

The Elpas IR Reader is a fully supervised, indoor RTLS receiver that detects and relays ‘Room-Level Location’ and ‘Device State’ data from Elpas Active IR-Enabled RFID Tags to a host RTLS application server.

Available in Ethernet or RS-485 BUS configurations, the IR Reader supports: XML messaging technology for hardware level system integration and RTLS data transmission with up to fifteen Elpas fixed infrastructure device.


  • Indoor IR RTLS receiver
  • Detection range:15m/50ft
  • Ethernet / RS-485 configurations
  • 1 analog imput / 2 digital outputs
  • Hardware level system intergration (via XML messaging)
  • Real-time device supervision / Tamper protected
  • LED status indicator
  • Ceiling mountable
  • CE, FCC, IC, UL compliant