MAterial management

Elpas Material Management utilizes real-time location based tracking to help improve inventory handling and logistics in commercial warehouses. Material Management is designed to help transform a warehouse’s processes for picking, staging and consolidating orders resulting in productivity gains, space savings and increased throughput and capacity.

Elpas Material Management is powerful enough to handle today’s warehouse requirements and scale to cover additional storage and staging location since each warehouse is different.

Deploying Elpas Material Management helps warehouse managers to:

• Achieve operational labor savings

• Realize inventory reductions

• Attain space savings

• Gain facility throughput and capacity

• Maximize equipment utilization rates

• Reduce lost inventory searches

Normal Equipment Management Process

  • Requisition/Distribution
  • Search & Locating
  • Transport
  • Cleaning
  • Inventory Management
  • Tracking
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Rental
  • Safety/Risk Management
  • Loss Prevention

Current State

  • No Process Owner
  • Weak Metrics
  • Limited Measurement
  • No Tracking System
  • No Decision Support

Desired State

  • Business Process Ownership
  • Equipment Inventory Management

– Real-time visibility to equipment inventory and location

– Target inventory levels

– Inventory positioning and replenishment based on demand

– Census-based equipment utilization tracking

– Real-time inventory alerts

  • Centralized Asset Database
  • Integrated Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Integrated Workflow Management
  • Asset Security
  • Rental Management
  • Capital Spending Flexibility
  • Mobile / Wireless Application

Why Elpas Material Management

  • Automatic Data Capture
  • Granular Asset Tracking Large, open spaces / Small, enclosed spaces
  • No Line of Sight Requirement
  • Active Local Positioning System-tag technology
  • Optimized tag design for medical equipment

Additionally, Elpas Material Management also can be cost-effectively leveraged to also improve staff safety without degradation to its material management functionality.