Temperature monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

The Elpas Temperature Monitoring Solution gives real-time visibility into the status of temperature sensitive assets. The Solution automates temperature recordings and removes the inherently unreliable, labor intensive, time consuming and inefficient of manual recording.

Regulating the environmental monitoring processes in hospitals, nursing, lab, and pharmacy and food service industries in inherently important to protect liability as well as to save costs on spoilage. With the Elpas temperature solution’s advanced reporting capabilities, Reports on environmental conditions and irregularities are easily generated for any required amount of time in order to provide an audit trail required to meet various regulatory compliance standards.

How Temperature Monitoring Works

Temperature Monitoring uses Active RFID Tags that are constantly transmitting their unique ID to the RTLS infrastructure. The tag ID and receiver ID are sent to the RTLS server so that temperature information can be recorded and acted upon using pre-programmed automated alerts and responses. The temperature information is also recorded by the RTLS server and can be viewed in real time as well as in historical reports.

Refrigerator Monitoring


  • Secure network infrastructure
  • Automated Logging
  • Robust reports that are required for logging and reporting data for regulatory compliance.
  • Automated alerting and corrective actions through advanced management software and dashboards
  • Map View for identifying the location of static sensors or the tracking of mobile sensors


  • Improve regulatory compliance through automated collection and logging of environmental data
  • Increased Nursing and administrative staff efficiency
  • Improved quality of care through constant monitoring of safe temperature
  • Reduced spoilage by shortening response time to a temperature proble
  • Visibility in real time of the conditions of critical temperature sensitive assets


Room Monitoring

Intended Uses

  • Cafeteria, Facilities
  • Pharmacies
  • Vaccine
  • Blood Lab
  • Pathology, Lab
  • Nurse Station, maternity ward
  • Server / Clean Rooms / Patient Rooms


  • Prevents spoilage of consumable assets
  • Reduces labor costs associated with manual monitoring and logging procedures
  • Allows regulatory compliance for ongoing and recorded temperature monitoring and stable storage of medications
  • Permits the monitoring of propped not fully sealed doors, mechanical failure, incorrect thermostat setting and power loss due to unplugging

Temperature Triggered Alerts

  • Above/below range deviations
  • Within range thresholds
  • Specific target thresholds

Other Alert Types

  • Device Status - low battery/lost away
  • Zone Location - RF based
  • Call-Button - Maintenance related

Automatic Temperature Monitoring, Logging and Alerting

Robust Reporting Possibilities

  • Current temperature reports
  • Historical temperature reports
  • System events/status logs
  • Corrective action reports
  • Historical location reports
  • Trending analysis
  • Export to Excel

Multi-Platform Alert Notification Options

  • ESPRA & TAP text pagers
  • Eiris Go Android and IOS Application
  • SMS Messaging
  • Email
  • Digital message boards
  • Automated PA announcements
  • Alert beacons and sirens
  • 3rd party DECT systems