Staff safety

Staff Safety

Elpas Staff Duress Call is an RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solution that enables faster response times during emergencies in high-risk work environments. Using advanced Triple-Tech RTLS Signaling Technologies, Elpas Staff Duress Call Solutions provides workers with the peace of mind knowing that assistance is only a button-press away.

How Elpas Duress Call Works: Staff members that may be at-risk of workplace related attacks or injuries are provided with a Personnel Identity Badge, which is worn as a photo ID credential. In the event they need assistance or are faced with a threatening situation, the individual in distress simply presses their badge’s call-button to discreetly summon help.


  • Highly Scalable Badge Capacity
  • Advanced System Supervision
  • Real-time Location Visibility
  • Multiple Alert Notification Methods
  • Location Based Logic
  • Incident Reporting
  • Back-end Integration
  • Easy-to-Use Software
  • System Reliability
  • System Scalability
  • International Safety Compliance


  • Protects Staff - Keep personal safe
  • Speeds Response - Reduces Response Time
  • Simplifies Calling - Eases call for help
  • Logs Events - Logs all incidents


Alerts initiated by:

  • Rip Cord
  • Pendant Pull
  • Fall Detection
  • Button Press

Location Tracking

  • Tracks Staff after alarm
  • Exact location of incident known immediately
  • Alerts sent to closest responders
  • Indoor/Outdoor - alerts contains GPS location


  • Voice- initiates voice link with incident location
  • CCTV - displays live video of incident
  • Access Control - Unlocks doors for unimpeded response
  • Signage - direction signs guide response team to incident

Alert Notification

  • Alerts sent to fixed and mobile devices
  • Send alerts to responders based on the incidents location
  • Automatically escalate unanswered alerts
  • Alerts may be acknowledged using mobile devices