Staff duress call

Staff Duress Call

The Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution enables faster response times during emergencies by instantly identifying the precise location of the specific employee at risk. The Solution provides workers with the peace of mind knowing that they are protected in an emergency situation.

How Staff Duress Call Works

Each staff member is provided with an Elpas Personnel Badge that features wireless call functionality. In the event they need assistance or are faced with a threatening situation, the individual simply presses their badge’s call-button to discreetly summon help via the Elpas Receiver Network.

Applying pre-programmed location based logic, the Solution instantly informs the appropriate responders as to the identity of the staff member needing help and the precise sub-room location of the emergency situation.

Indoor and Out

Using the Elpas Android LoneProtect application and the Elpas Shield BLE, staff workers are protected anywhere. Elpas LoneProtect communicates remotely with an enterprise Eiris Server via the Microsoft Cloud. Alarms may be triggered using the Elpas Shield while the phone is kept in a pocket or purse.

Solution Features

  • Highly scalable badge capacity
  • Advanced system supervision
  • Real-time location visibility
  • Robust alert notification methods
  • Incident reporting
  • Backend integration
  • Easy-to-Use software
  • System reliability & scalability
  • IC, FCC, CE compliant

Elpas Shield

Elpas Personnel ID Badge with duress call button