Infant protection

Infant Protection

Elpas Infant Protection helps hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity environments from the time of delivery to the time of discharge.

Elpas Infant Protection permits the regular movement of mothers, staff and visitors in and out of the maternity ward, while preventing the protected infants from being removed from the ward unnoticed or without supervision. In addition to monitoring the physical whereabouts and safety of the infants, Elpas Infant Protection can log the authorized transfer of the infants throughout the hospital, preventing any illicit attempts to move infants to and from wards and treatment centers.

How BabyMatch Works

At the time of birth the infant is issued an Infant Protection Bracelet, which is placed on the baby's ankle and later can be adjusted should the baby lose weight before discharge.

Should an attempt occur to move the protected infant from the secured area without approval or authorized escort, the Bracelet will trigger the System to alert personnel of the occurring security threat.

Elpas Infant Protection Bracelet


  • Alerts upon unauthorized removal from ward
  • Dual supervised ankle band will alert on tamper or removal
  • Long battery life
  • Alerts everywhere via mobile and fixed devices
  • HL7 integration streamlines data entry
  • Distributed control for fault tolerance
  • PC/Web/Mobile access
  • Small lightweight and comfortable tag
  • Pre-match feature avoids bedside confusion
  • Pre-match feature avoids bedside confusion


Abduction Protection - keep the infant safe within a protected area

Mother / Baby Matching - Protects against inadvertent infant switches

Nurse / Mother Escort - Freedom of movement while infant is escorted

Nurse Warning - Discreetly warns nurse when infants are brought to incorrect room

Full Accountability - Documents Admission / Discharge / Transfer Procedure

Alerts When:

  • Attempt is made to remove the tag
  • Baby or Tag is missing
  • Baby leaves protected area, unescorted
  • Baby loitering near exit
  • Door ajar

Reliable Alerting

  • No false alerts when tag is submerged in water
  • Tamper alert effective even while tag is submerged
  • Jam Detection - alerts when LF noise is interfering

Automatic Pairing of Mother and Infant

  • When infant band is secured it waits for a Mother tag
  • When the Mother tag is pressed, the infant Charm pairs with the Mother tag
  • Pairing is automatically forwarded to Eiris and used in Escort function
  • Supports twins and multiple births

Easy to Clean

  • Easily cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner
  • Withstands disinfectant liquid cleansers

Timed Suspend

  • Infant Charm can be disarmed temporarily - Useful when infants need to leave maternity ward for tests
  • Charm retains Mother/Infant pairing even if band is changed Important for neonates that require an extended hospital stay

Staff Initiated Match Check

  • Verify Mother-Infant pairing at nursery exit
  • Hand- held LF used for match test - result shown on dome light situated before entrance to room

Mother Baby Matching

  • Local matching of Mother and Infant
  • Assures Mother there has been no switch of infants

Eiris Go

  • Android and IOS
  • Gets alerts from Eiris
  • EirisWS Client
  • Push Notification
  • Like SMS or WhatsApp
  • Voice Call Button
  • Emergency Call Button
  • Acknowledge or Cancel Alert
  • View Log

HL7 Integration

  • Works with existing ADT systems
  • Eases adoption of system
  • Provides accountability on discharge record.