Aging in place

Age in Place with the Elpas

With the advent of an aging population the cost to the taxpayer and of Long Term Care for seniors is skyrocketing. A nursing home charges between 80 and $100K per year for a private room. In order to reduce this expense, local governments, social security and insurance companies are turning to wireless technologies to monitor a senior that elects to "age in place" in his familiar home environment.

Long Term Care facilities are establishing outreach programs where the staff of the nursing home monitors both the residents at the facility and seniors that live at their homes within the community.

Elpas wireless tag (and associated Elpas LoneProtect app are used to:

  • Call for help from any location
  • Detect falls
  • Monitor senior behavior with wireless sensors (frig, toilet, bed pressure mat etc.)
  • Detect elopement of seniors with dementia

The Eiris Go Application are used by staff to:

  • Receive notifications from patient call alerts
  • Acknowledge and comment
  • Open voice or video link with the senior
  • Escalate call in case of emergency to response staff.
  • Automatically clear call upon arrival at senior's location.

This way, there is no difference in visibility of a senior that resides at the facility or at their home.

  • The Elpas LoneProtect application reports directly to the staff of an LTC facility via an on-premises Eiris Server, eliminating the need of a subscription based service.
  • Indoor location may be reported using Elpas LF beacons. A standard tablet or smartphone may be mounted in each room for video or voice link with the responder.
  • The Elpas Shield replaceable battery lasts over a year.
  • No additional SIM card is needed. The Elpas LoneProtect app runs on popular Android smartphones.
  • Alarms are triggered simply by pressing the button on the Elpas Shield. The phone can stay in your pocket or purse.

How are Alerts Managed?

When an event is initiated by the senior, a responder can open a voice or video link on EirisGo with the senior using the mic and camera on a home mobile device.

• Staff members are notified should activity indicators deviate from a pre-defined norm or running average.

• When responders arrive at the senior's home they may use their EirisGo app to escalate the situation or receive alerts regarding other residents.