wiegand interface adapter

The Elpas Wiegand Interface Adapter is an Active/Passive RFID system interface. The adapter enables Elpas RTLS Applications to monitor 26-bit Wiegand access control devices such as proximity, magnetic stripe, biometric, electronic article surveillance gates and number plate recognition readers.

The adapter converts received 26-bit reader data into Elpas button-press event data and then relays the processed event in real-time to the host Elpas RTLS platform via an Elpas BUS Master. Constructed of white polycarbonate plastic, the Wiegand Interface Adapter can be surface mounted onto solid walls and ceilings or easily located above dropped (false) ceilings.


  • Standard 26-bit Wiegand Protocol
  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Two open collector digital outputs
  • RS-485 BUS connectivity

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