Personal safety bracelet

The Elpas Personal Safety Bracelet is a wrist worn Active RFID Tag that provides around-the-clock monitoring of medical patients and assisted living residents who require added safety.

The Bracelet bundles triple-tech Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies to deliver precise real-time positioning data so that a host RTLS safety application can track the whereabouts of the individual anywhere within the facility.

The Bracelet features a large duress call button designed especially for healthcare patients and senior citizens. Pressing the button causes the tag to transmit positioning data that identifies the person requiring assistance and the precise building location of the involving medical or safety incident for speedier and more effective response efforts.

The Personal Safety Bracelet also supports immediate near-exit location awareness for administering patient/staff escort procedures and for preventing unauthorized transfers into or out of protected building areas.


  • Infant Protection Charm
  • High-Risk Security Bracelet
  • Personal Safety Bracelet
  • Asset Tracking Tag
  • Lone Worker
  • Personnel Badge
  • Senior Fall Detection

Applications and Uses

  • Patient, resident supervision & tracking
  • Wireless nurse call/duress alerting
  • Patient handling and auditing
  • Hands-free access control
  • Entrance/Exit based alerting