Outdoor Buried Loop LF Beacon

The High-Power LF Beacon is a low frequency emitter for use in indoor/outdoor building environments. The device provides Elpas RTLS solutions with immediate chokepoint location awareness that a tagged asset or person has passed through a large protected building entrance, loading dock bay or a vehicle barrier location.

Enclosed in an IP-65 enclosure, the High-Power LF Beacon utilizes a loop antenna that can be buried in soil, asphalt or concrete. This unique technology allows coverage of entrances and driveways up to 40M/131 feet wide. Gardens and patios with a circumference up to 80M/260 feet can be enclosed in a LF field. The beacon can be deployed in a primary–secondary configuration for covering larger areas.


  • Adjustable field up to 40M/131 feet
  • Optional field expansion topologies
  • No EMI external interference
  • Remote configuration & monitoring
  • Onboard supervisory transmitter
  • Unique location ID
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant

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