LF Bus (ALA) Beacon

The Elpas LF BUS Beacon is a wall mountable low frequency emitter for indoor building environments. The device provides real-time, chokepoint location data that a tagged asset or person is near a specific door, is in a particular hallway zone or is in an explicit sub-room area.

The Beacon has a 1.5m/4.9ft range that is adjustable to cover areas as small as 4 inches/10cm. Optionally up to four LF BUS Beacons can be deployed in primary–secondary configurations for covering large double-doors or architectural complex indoor areas.


  • Adjustable range from 10cm to 3m (4.7 inches to 4.9ft)
  • Optional field expansion configurations
  • No EMI interference with medical equipment
  • Remote Ethernet configuration & monitoring
  • One supervised input/One digital output
  • Optional 26-bit Wiegand output
  • RS-485 connectivity
  • Fully supervised/tamper protection
  • Transmission suppression via input
  • Unique location ID
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant

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