Handheld LF Beacon

The Elpas Handheld LF Beacon (HLA) provides healthcare personnel with an effective, easy-to-use tool for performing: mother/baby match tests, asset/patient association tests, nurse call cancellation or for triggering entrance/exit monitoring applications.

Worn as a neck lanyard, the Handheld LF Beacon is shower proof, IP-64 rated. The beacon is shipped with pre-attached neck lanyard and one lithium battery


  • Small, neck-worn, light-weight, pendant
  • Field Range 0 - 30cm (0.0 to 11.8 inches)
  • No EMI external interference
  • Low battery/device transmission LED
  • Shower proof, IP-64 water-rated
  • Unique location ID
  • Long Life field replaceable battery
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant