Hand Hygiene

Elpas Hand Hygiene is designed to help hospitals achieve their goal of increased hand washing compliance by automatically documenting whether staff members wash their hands before and after patient encounters.

Elpas Hand Hygiene generates detailed compliance reports per caregiver or per examination room. This documentation can be beneficial in monitoring staff compliance with hospital hand hygiene policies and to trace the source of infection transfers


  • Unlimited badge population
  • Instant ID & location
  • Alert & paging options
  • East to use software
  • Detailed compliance reports
  • Full system supervision
  • Easy backend integration
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant


Reduce Infections

Reduces returns to hospital

Contain Infections Quickly

Identify incidents and prevent large breakouts of infections

Improved Accountability

Perform post incident analysis to identify areas for improvement

Increase Patient Trust

Demonstrates concern for patient health

Mitigate Liability

Automatically document preventive measures that you are taking

How Elpas Hand Hygiene Works

Each caregiver is issued an Elpas Active Identity Badge. So when the caregiver uses a hand washing station or sanitizer, a nearby Elpas LF Beacon triggers the personal badge tag worn by the caregiver to transmit hand washing event messages that identifies the caregiver and the time that the specific dispenser was used.

Elpas RTLS Readers relay this time-critical hand hygiene data over the hospital's Ethernet network to the Eiris Tracking & Management Server that provides hand hygiene compliance reporting and alerting.