asset tracking tag

The Elpas Asset Tracking Tag is an Active RFID Transmitter that facilitates real-time location awareness and intelligence about high-value mobile medical assets.

Housed in a small, hospital-grade form factor, the Asset Tracking Tag delivers real-time positioning data so that healthcare personnel can track and log the locations, movements or statuses of patient care equipment anywhere within a campus style hospital or assisted living facility.

The Elpas Asset Tracking Tag features anti-tamper detection to help guard against unauthorized asset handling or Tag removal from the protected asset. The Asset Tracking Tag also includes a user programmable wireless call button, which when pressed transmits real-time positioning data that identifies the protected asset’s exact building location.


  • Triple-Tech RTLS signaling technologies
  • Small, hospital-grade form factor (IP64)
  • Flexible mounting options
  • User programmable wireless call button
  • Supports instant near-exit detection
  • Continuous device & tamper supervision
  • LED status indicators
  • Long life, user replaceable battery
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • CE, FCC, IC compliant

Applications and Uses

  • Real-time medical asset tracking
  • Asset usage optimization
  • Biomedical equipment maintenance
  • Shrinkage prevention
  • Unauthorized handling deterrence
  • Movement logging and auditing
  • Hands-free access control
  • Exit / Entrance supervision

The Elpas Asset Tracking Solution is based on the Elpas Asset Tracking tag. When deployed the tag is affixed to the medical devices you want to track. Only 3.6 by 4.1cm (1.4 x 1.61 inches) in size, the Elpas Asset Tracking Tag is suitable for surface mounting on almost any mobile patient care asset without electrically interfering with its operation.

The tag uses low power beacon type radio signals as well as safe, infra-red transmissions messages to transmit continuously asset identity and location data down to room-level accuracy to a network of Elpas ceiling/wall mounted readers that are placed at strategic points around the facility; such as key exits, entrances as well as transition points between departments.

When attached to a medical delivery asset; the Elpas Asset Tag can also automatically transmit alerts and trigger alarm notifications for keeping personnel informed of deliberate or accidental tampering and/or removal. Additionally, Elpas Tracking Tags emit periodic supervision messages so that a supervision alarm may be triggered should the Elpas system fail to hear from the asset.

Additionally, the tag’s onboard magnetic low frequency (LF) Receiver adds exit point area detection so whenever the protected asset is physically near a critical exit/entrance covered by an Elpas reader an alert notification is generated.